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The Story

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is a new concept that will reshape the relationship individuals have with healthy living.

The idea took root from two exercise interventions conducted in partnership with The Pennsylvania State University and Les Mills International.*

During the inaugural research study, Get Fit Together, participants (pictured below) who exercised less than 30 minutes per day completed a 30-week protocol to determine if group fitness alone could reduce the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Compared to baseline, the final measurements demonstrated that the participants had significant reductions in body fat, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and depression as well as elevations in lean body mass, and self-confidence. To add, 80% of the participants continued their new health routines on their own after the conclusion of the study.

Lessons were learned from that groundbreaking research and became the foundation for FITOLOGY: (1) starting the exercise routine gradually minimized injury and maximized adherence, (2) knowing and monitoring health numbers, such as body fat and cholesterol, improved commitment to the program, (3) wearing a heart monitor provided motivation with daily feedback on how intensity relates to calories, (4) comprehensive Les Mills™ programs and certified instructors enhanced both performance as well as safety, and (5) working out in a group yielded psychological and social benefits.

We realized from these enthusiastic individuals that there was a void in the fitness industry. And, what people really needed to be successful in an exercise routine was knowledge about their own health and a program that could deliver all the components in an unintimidating, fun environment. That concept is FITOLOGY: a research lab within a group fitness and cycling studio.

No other gym is powered by the science of being fit.

That's the story.

But, the FITOLOGY story– this life-long dream – would not have been possible without the courage to take the risk that the dream would be met with a passionate community similar to those who participated in the original study. The FITOLOGY story would not have been possible without the perfect mix of people with a variety of talents and resources coming TOGETHER to realize the dream and achieve a mission.

And, our mission statement is more than just words; it tells the story of how we will execute our goal of a stronger community. We are truly thankful that our passion for health and fitness brought us TOGETHER.

TOGETHER we are FITOLOGY Jinger Gottschall, Renea Nichols, Claire Colebrook (and YOU)

FITOLOGY Mission Statement

Our mission is the same as your mission: to be FIT

We promise to listen to your needs, answer your questions and provide strategies to help, all through the science of being fit: FITOLOGY

We only ask that we make this fitness journey in the most effective way: together.

Together is the combination of professional experts, internationally certified instructors and passionate members.

Together we will motivate, challenge and support.

Together we will lead by example, create a welcoming, inclusive environment, and develop an informed community.

Together we will feel alive, generate balance and renew spirits.

Together we will reach personal goals, share health knowledge and contribute to research.

And together we will run, ride, jump, kick, lift, pump, punch, push, laugh, sweat and breathe.

Together we are FITOLOGY

(*The Get Fit Together exercise intervention was conducted in 2011 at the North Club in State College, PA)