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What is FITOLOGY? 

Beginning January 2013 in State College, PA, a new concept began that reshapes the relationship individuals have with healthy living. That concept is FITOLOGY. The missing component in most gyms and health clubs today is health measures for members. FITOLOGY fills that void with its unique approach to meeting the fitness and health needs of the State College community: a program started by Penn State Kinesiology PhD's.


What do you mean ‘the science of being fit'? 

FITOLOGY offers unlimited Les Mills™ group fitness and cycling classes in addition to biannual, on-site nutrition and accountability programs. We will collect (1) a fasting blood sample for glucose tolerance, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, (2) body measurements for fat mass estimations, (3) oxygen consumption for a metric of cardiovascular efficiency, (4) upper and lower body, as well as, core strength tests. Finally, we will utilize these measures to create a customized wellness program for every age and ability. You won't find the science behind being fit at any other gym.

Do I have to participant in research? 

No. Members who join FITOLOGY can simply participate in group fitness and cycling classes. Members who qualify can also elect to be part of research studies that will be conducted at FITOLOGY in partnership with The Pennsylvania State University and Les Mills International. This laboratory inside a studio concept also provides an excellent internship opportunity for students majoring in kinesiology and nutrition. You won't find the science behind being fit at a gym. 

Where is it located? 

542 Westerly Parkway Plaza in State College, PA, near State College High School and Welch Pool.


What programs are offered? 

FITOLOGY offers nine (9) unlimited Les Mills™ group fitness classes: diverse cardio formats to promote heart health, unique strength programs to improve muscle mass, and an innovative flexibility class to enhance physical as well as mental balance. The programs include: BODYATTACK™, BODYCOMBAT™, BODYSTEP™, RPM™, THETRIP™, SPRINT™, BARRE™, BODYPUMP™, BODYFLOW™, CXWORX™, and THEGRIT™ series. We will also offer cost-effective small group personal training.


What is Les Mills? 

Les Mills is a New Zealand-based group fitness company found in 14,000 clubs across 80 countries. Their mission is parallel to ours: to create a fitter planet, one workout at a time. There is no other group fitness company with such comprehensive evidence-based offerings and extensive certification program for its instructors. And, you’ll never get bored doing a Les Mills class because the programs are renewed every three months with new choreography, licensed chart-topping music and instructor education. It’s all about the Group Effect. Here’s how Les Mills describes the experience you’ll have: “You’ll unleash yourself, fall in love with fitness, and change your life. You’ll sweat, you’ll shout - you may even curse us - but you’ll leave feeling exhilarated. And tomorrow you’ll come back and do it all again.”

Why only group fitness? 

We have found through research that improving health, becoming physically fit and adhering to an exercise routine could be as easy as taking group fitness classes. In addition, the benefits extend to both men and women without making significant dietary changes. The Get Fit Together intervention study scientifically demonstrated that group fitness classes singularly satisfy national physical activity recommendations while producing maximum cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and psychological health benefits.

How is it different than other local gyms? 

First, the missing component in most gyms and clubs today is health measures for members. FITOLOGY fills that void with its unique approach to meeting the fitness and health needs of the State College community: a group fitness studio based on science backed up at the University in our town by the founder of the studio. Secondly, we have a separate room dedicated to indoor cycling with 25 Les Mills-endorsed Body Bikes arranged in cinema staging. You can ride hard with the pack and see the instructor simultaneously. Finally, a membership is not required to take classes at FITOLOGY, although a membership is less expensive and has additional benefits. You can simply use the daily pass option. Come on in – there’s more that makes us different. Read our story.

Do I have to reserve a spot to take a class? 

Yes, please. It is really easy and even fun. Planning your workouts each week and reserving your space will help you keep track of your training and keep you committed. In addition, since one mission of the studio is to collect scientific data about physical activity, tracking workout habits throughout the year will be extremely informative. These data will also help us create the best group fitness schedule possible by illustrating which classes and times are popular and when to add more classes to the schedule.​ Finally, please do not let this process be stressful. Sign-up for the classes that you feel confident you will attend and if you need to cancel, you can! Within a couple months the reservation protocol will become a helpful habit. Click here to visit the reservations page.


Is there an enrollment fee?

Nope. We offer month to month & annual memberships, as well as punchcards. We do occasionally offer additional programs a la carte outside of the class memberships.