First class

First Time?



  • Fuel at least 1-2 hours prior to your first sweat with us. This will ensure your body can function at its best during class.

Arrive early.


  • We suggest arriving at least 15 minutes before your scheduled class. This way our FIT Team can give you a quick tour and get you set up and comfortable for class.

  • Note if you aren’t signed in 5 minutes before class your spot may be released to those on the waitlist.


Dress for success.

  • We suggest sporting a breathable tee or tank and form-fitting pants or shorts on the bottom for all classes. Loose fitting clothing is for lounging not lunging!




Socks are not mandatory, but can be purchased at the front desk if needed. Barre/Grip socks help to align the toes, increase circulation and prevent slipping when you sweat.


Cycling Shoes are commonly used in the studio so bring them if you're an experienced cyclist. But you certainly don't need them. Fitology Newbies and lots of long time members just prefer to use the toe clips with their workout shoes. Indoor shoes only though. If you have your own shoes, our bikes are compatible with SPD Clips. 

Strength \ Cardio\ HIIT

Indoor shoes only. Please do not arrive at the studio for class with shoes that have been worn outside.  Let’s keep our space clean and prevent our friends from stepping on rocks!


Nothing needed, we supply all mats and props required for class.







Manduka Yoga Mats

Bottled Water

LES MILLS Weights and Bikes

InBody 270 Body Composition Scale

Showers, shower towels, blowdryers, and soap/shampoo

cardio / hiit

We offer a blend of 30-60 minute classes at a variety of intensities. Be sure to check out ATTACK, STEP, COMBAT, and our exciting indoor cycling classes!


Traditional training principles have never been so fun! Get your 30/45/60 minutes of a total body strength training circuit for a full BODYPUMP or core training class, CXWORX.


We offer a blend of 30-60 minute classes at a variety of intensities. Be sure to check out RPM, SPRINT, and our super popular virtual reality cycling class, The TRIP by Les Mills!


Enjoy this yoga fusion class! A little Thai Chi, a little vinyasa, some balance, and flow. Join us for BODYFLOW and improve your balance, your mind, and your life.