The Problem: Over one-third of Americans are clinically obese while over two-thirds are overweight.  

Almost 64% of Americans eat more than the recommended daily fat intake while at the same time 60% of Americans are not regularly physically active. Sadly, taken together, only 8-10% of the general population adheres to the national diet and physical activity guidelines. Globally, ignoring these guidelines has caused cardiovascular disease to be the leading cause of death while noncommunicable conditions such as stroke, cancer, depression and diabetes kill over 35 million people each year.

The Mission: The mission of FITOLOGY is to become a leader in combating this statistics with a venture that will reshape the relationship individuals have with healthy living.  

The idea for a research lab within a fitness studio originated with two exercise interventions in 2011 utilizing the Les Mills™ group fitness classes. In the first study, Get Fit Together, 25 non-active adults completed a 30-week group fitness program. Compared to the baseline measurements, the final measurements demonstrated that the participants mean oxygen consumption increased by 55%, triglycerides decreased by 15%, LDL decreased by 9%, pelvic bone mineral density increased by 8%, and total body fat mass decreased by 5%.

The second study, Get Fit with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), examined the effects of short, threshold bouts of exercise on both cardiovascular and strength measures. We compared a group of 42 adults who completed 5 hours of weekly activity with interval training to a separate group of 42 adults that completed the same amount of training without intervals. The results of this study emphasized the influence of high intensity training as the interval participants mean oxygen consumption increased by 6%, triglycerides decreased by 14%, LDL decreased by 7%, total body fat mass decreased by 2%, and leg and back strength increased by 15% and 21% respectively.  


Simultaneous to these group fitness interventions, the FITOLOGY team performed the scientific measurements for the 30-minute core class, CXWORX™ as well as continued evaluation of the 30-minute high intensity classes, GRIT™ series.

Therefore, the programs at FITOLOGY are scientifically tested and are an ideal modality to maximize the health benefits of regular physical activity.

The Execution

FITOLOGY offers unlimited Les Mills™group fitness and cycling classes in addition to biannual, on-site physiological and musculoskeletal testing. We will collect (1) a fasting blood sample for glucose tolerance, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, (2) body measurements for fat mass estimations, (3) oxygen consumption for a metric of cardiovascular efficiency, (4) upper and lower body, as well as, core strength tests. Finally, we will utilize these measures to create a customized wellness program for every age and ability.

Your Plan

The ideal way to maximize results is to follow a routine created specifically for you. All members receive a health evaluation with their FITOLOGY membership enrollment fee and a customized plan so you have the right combination of classes to help you meet your fitness and health goals. We will also provide nutritional counseling as well as fitness testing. There is no other gym that can provide evidence about the success of the product and provide metrics of the success for each individual.  


Together we will achieve our health and fitness goals. Together we are FITOLOGY.